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Claire Couch

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Research Publications Publication Date
Couch, C.E., T.N. Neal, C.L. Herron, M.L. Kent, C.B. Schreck, and J.T. Peterson. 2023. Gut microbiome composition associates with chronically elevated corticosteroids and morbidity in Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) Scientific Reports 13(1), 2567. | Abstract June 2023
Couch, C.E., M. Colvin, R.L. Chitwood, J.T. Peterson, C.B. Schreck. 2022. Scope of the cortisol stress response in Chinook salmon during maturation. Fisheries Research 254: | Abstract October 2022
Couch, C.C., J.T. Peterson, and P. H. Heimowitz. 2023. Evaluating the institutional and ecological effects of invasive species prevention policy: a case study from the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Management of Biological Invasions 14(2). | Abstract March 2023
Presentations Presentation Date
Larson, M., C. Couch, C. Murphy, M. Kent, and J. Peterson. 2023. Diet and Philonema infections in reservoir-rearing juvenile Chinook Salmon. Oregon Chapter of the American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting, Feb 28-Mar 3 March 2023
Herron, C.L, O. M. Hakanson, M. M. Scanlan, C.E. Couch, C. B. Schreck, and J. T. Peterson. 2023 The Wild Fishes Surrogate Project: Where We Have Been, Are, And Will Be. Willamette Fisheries Science Review Corvallis OR April 5-6. April 2023
Couch, C., J. Peterson, M. Kent, and C. Schreck<sup></sup>. 2023. Big fish with tiny friends: the role of the microbiome in Pacific salmon health. Oregon Chapter of the American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting, Feb 28-Mar 3 March 2023
Couch, C. C. Schreck, M. Kent, and J.T. Peterson. 2022. Microbial Biomarkers for Pre-Spawning Mortality in Chinook Salmon. Annual Willamette Fisheries Science Review, April 12-13, Corvallis OR. April 2022