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Staff Member

Jeremy Rockweit


Research Publications Publication Date
Rockweit, JT, JM Jenkins, JE Hines, JD Nichols, KM Dugger, AB Franklin, PC Carlson, WL Kendall, DB Lesmeister, C McCafferty, SH Ackers, LS Andrews, LL Bailey, JB, KP Burnham, T Chestnut, MM Conner, KE Dilione, RJ Davis, ED Forsman, EM Glenn, SA Gremel, KA Hamm, DR Herter, JM Higley, RB Horn, DW Lamphear, TL McDonald, JA Reid, CJ Schwarz, DC Simon, SG Sovern, JK Swingle, JD Wiens, H Wise, and CB Yackulic. 2022. Range-wide Sources of Variation in Reproductive Rates of Northern Spotted Owls. Ecological Applications 000:000-000, doi:10.1002/eap.2726. August 2022
A.B. Franklin, K.M. Dugger, D.B. Lesmeister, R.J. Davis, J.D. Wiens, G.C. White, J.D. Nichols, J.E. Hines, C.B. Yackulic, C.J. Schwarz, S.H. Ackers, L.S. Andrews, L.L. Bailey, R. Bown, J. Burgher, K.P. Burnham, P.C. Carlson, T. Chestnut, M.M. Conner, K.E. Dilione, E.D. Forsman, E.M. Glenn, S.A. Gremel, K.A. Hamm, D.R. Herter, J.M. Higley, Rob B. Horn, J.M. Jenkins, W.L. Kendall, D.W. Lamphear, C. McCafferty, T.L. McDonald, J.A. Reid, J.T. Rockweit, D.C. Simon, S.G. Sovern, J.K. Swingle, and H. Wise. 2021. Range-wide declines of Northern Spotted Owls populations in the Pacific Northwest: a meta-analysis. Biological Conservation Volume 259, DOI: 10.1016/j.biocon.2021.109168. May 2021
Presentations Presentation Date
Rockweit, JT, KM Dugger, DB Lesmeister, RJ Davis, AB Franklin, JM Higley. 2023. Fire, northern spotted owls, and old forests in the Pacific Northwest. 2023 Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of America, August 6-11, 2023, Portland, OR. August 2023
Rockweit, JT, KM Dugger, DB Lesmeister, RJ Davis, AB Franklin, JM Higley, and Z Yang. 2021. Baseline Effects of Wildfire on an Old Forest Species and its Potential to Inform Climate Change Impacts. The Wildlife Society's 28th Annual Meeting, November 1-5, 2021, Virtual. November 2021