Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Louisiana
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources

Louisiana Staff Member

Antonio Cantu


Presentations Presentation Date
Cantu, A., S.L. King, and J.P. Donnelly. 2021. Interior Wetlands of Mexico: Status and Issues of Waterbird Habitats. Society of Wetland Scientists 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting. June 2021
Cantu, A., J. Beauchamp, and S.L. King. 2021. Effects of Wetland Management and Associated Abiotic Factors to Rare Plant Communities in a Managed Arid Wetland. Society of Wetland Scientists Virtual Annual Meeting. June 2021
Cantu, A., E. Carerra, and S.L. King. 2019. Status and Challenges of Wetland Habitats for Migratory Birds in Mexico’s Highlands. The Wildlife Society Annual Conference, Reno, NV. October 2019
Cantu, A, and SL King. 2020. Sandhill Cranes in Mexico: status of historical habitats and conservation challenges. North American Crane Working Group Workshop, Lubbock, Texas. January 2020
<b>Cantu de Leija, A. , J. Beauchamp, and S. L. King. 2020. Germination requirements of rare wetland plants in managed arid wetlands. Society of Wetland Scientists Annual Meeting, Quebec.</b> June 2020