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Staff Member

Anna Ortega


Research Publications Publication Date
Ortega, A.C., Dwinnell, S.P.H., LaSharr, T.N., Jakopak, R.P., Denryter, K., Huggler, K., Hayes, M., Aikens, E.O., Verzuh, T., May, A., Kauffman, M.J., and Monteith, K.L. (2020). Effectiveness of Partial Sedation to Reduce Stress in Captured Mule Deer. Journal of Wildlife Management, 84: 14451456. | Abstract July 2020
Nunez, T. et al. A statistical framework for modeling migration corridors September 2022
Aikens, E.O., Mysterud, A., Merkle, J.A., Cagnacci, F., Rivrud, I.M., Hebblewhite, M., et. al. (2020). Wave-like patterns of plant phenology determine ungulate movement tactics. Current Biology, 30(17): 34443449.e4. | Abstract September 2020
Project Completion Date
The Red Desert to Hoback Mule Deer Migration December 2026
Presentations Presentation Date
Ortega, A.C., Burke, P. and Kauffman, M.J. 2017. Understanding the maintenance of partial migration: a test of the fitness-balancing hypothesis with mule deer in south-central Wyoming. TWS 24th Annual Conference, Albuquerque, NM. September 2017
Nuñez, T., M. Hurley, J. Fattebert, J. Merkle, A. Ortega, H. Sawyer, M. Kauffman. 2020. Predicting migration corridors: using maximum likelihood to fit corridor models to movement data. 2020 North America Congress for Conservation Biology. Denver, Colorado, July 26-31, 2020. July 2020