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Demitra Blythe

Phone: (406) 670 - 8252
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I come from Montana and like to spend a lot of my time outdoors and I really enjoy working in the fisheries field.. I am primarily interested in how to best manage freshwater ecosystems to sustain biodiversity and resilience. In particular, I like to understand how food webs are altered by human interactions and what we (as scientists) can provide as the tools necessary to better manage these diverse aquatic ecosystems.. I would be interested in teaching courses if available, but my goal is to become a research scientist with a federal agency.

Presentations Presentation Date
Laub, B. G., D. Blythe, and P. Budy. 2017. Understanding Multiple Impacts of Hydrologic Alteration on Native Fish Communities in the Rio Grande, Texas and Mexico. American Fisheries Society, Western Division, Annual Meeting, Missoula, Montana, 22-25 May 2017. May 2017
Blythe, D.E. and P. Budy. How much water does the Rio Grande River need? The ecological consequences of an altered flow regime on an arid river. poster presented at: 48th Annual Meeting of Desert Fishes Council, Albuquerque, New Mexico, November 15th - 19th, 2016. November 2016
Blythe, D.E. and P. Budy. 2018. How habitat complexity affects the native fish diversity and food web structure of the Rio Grande in Big Bend National Park, Texas, United States. Presentation. Utah Chapter Annual AFS Meeting, Ogden, Utah. March 13th -15th, 2018. March 2018
Blythe, D.E. and P. Budy. 2017. Make the Rio 'Grande' again: the ecological consequences of an altered flow regime on an arid river. Poster. Annual Spring Runoff Conference, March 28 -29, 2017. Logan, Utah. March 2017
Blythe, D.E. and P. Budy. 2017. Has an altered hydrologic regime changed ecosystem function and impacted the native fish biodiversity of the Rio Grande? Presentation. ESA Annual Meeting, August 7-11. Portland, OR. August 2017