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Matthew Paufve

Matthew Paufve



  • MS Cornell 2019


Originally from Rochester, NY, Matt earned a BS in Biology from Hobart College in 2013. He currently studies lake herring spawning habitat and restoration in the Great Lakes.. Population ecology, Great Lakes fisheries and food webs, data management

Research Publications Publication Date
Paufve MP, Sethi SA, Rudstam L, Weidel BC, Lantry BF, Chalupnicki M. (2020) Differentiation between Lake Whitefish and Cisco eggs based on diameter. Journal of Great Lakes Research. 46:1058-1062. | Abstract July 2020
Paufve MP, Sethi SA, Lantry BF, Weidel BC, Rudstam LG. Asessing the spawning ecology of fish in situ using a benthic pump sampler. Fisheries Research 214:19-24. | Abstract January 2019
Andres K, Sethi SA, Duskey E, Lepak JM, Rice AN, Estabrook B, Fitzpatrick K, George E, Marcy-Quay B, Paufve M, Perkins K, Scofield AE. (2020) Seasonal habitat use indicates depth may mediate the potential for invasive round goby impacts in inland lakes. Freshwater Biology 65:1337-1347. | Abstract August 2020
Project Completion Date
Great Lakes Cisco spawning habitat assessment December 2019
Presentations Presentation Date
“Spawning and incubation habitat of Cisco (Coregonus artedi) in the Great Lakes,” M Paufve et al. (SA Sethi 2nd), International Association for Great Lakes Research, Toronto, Canada. June 2018
“Characterizing the spawning and incubation habitat of Cisco Coregonus artedi in the Great Lakes,” M Paufve et al. (SA Sethi 2nd), NY Chapter American Fisheries Society, Cooperstown, NY February 2018
M Paufve et al. (SA Sethi 4th). 2017. “Investigating habitat suitability for Cisco (Coregonus artedi) spawning and egg incubation.” IAGLR annual meeting, Detroit, MI. April 2017
M Paufve et al. (SA Sethi 2nd). 2017. “Characterizing the ecological niche of Cisco (Coregonus artedi) spawning and egg incubation habitat.” International Coregonid Symposium, Bayfield, WI. September 2017