Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program:
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Staff Member

Kevin Job


  • Other University of Maine 2020
  • BS University of Connecticut 2011


I grew up in Southeastern Connecticut, where I spent my free time exploring the area rivers, ponds, and coastline. At a young age, I knew I wanted to work with fish and I am extremely grateful to be where I am today. In my free time , I try to travel around the country as much as possible in search of new places to fish, take photos, or backpack.. My interests are structured around diadromous fish conservation and habitat restoration. Currently, my research is focused on understanding how American shad and American eels utilize the Penobscot River Estuary using otolith micro chemistry. The Penobscot River recently under went two large-scale, dam removal projects and three fish passage facility improvement projects . Understanding how American shad and American eels respond to these projects should help guide future river restoration projects through an advanced understanding of how American shad and American eels utilize newly available habitats following dam removals.