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Staff Member

Mr. Juan Oteyza

Phone: (406) 243 - 4396

Research Publications Publication Date
Oteyza, J. C., J. C. Mouton, and T. E. Martin. 2021. Adult survival probability and body size affect parental risk-taking across latitudes. Ecology Letters 24:20-26. January 2021
Martin, T. E., R. Ton, and J. C. Oteyza. 2018. Adaptive influence of extrinsic and intrinsic factors on variation of incubation periods among tropical and temperate passerines. Auk 135: 101-113. January 2018
Martin, T. E., J. C. Oteyza, A. J. Boyce, P. Lloyd, and R. Ton. 2015. Adult mortality probability and nest predation rates explain parental effort in warming eggs with consequences for embryonic development time. American Naturalist 186: 223-236. | Abstract August 2015
Martin, T. E., J. C. Oteyza, A. E. Mitchell, A. L. Potticary, and P. Lloyd. 2015. Post-natal growth rates of diverse songbird species covary weakly with embryonic development rates and do not explain adult mortality probability. American Naturalist 185: 380-389. March 2015
Kaiser, S. A., T. E. Martin, J. C. Oteyza, C. Armstad, and R. C. Fleischer. 2018. Direct fitness benefits and kinship of social foraging groups in an Old World tropical babbler. Behavioral Ecology 29: 468-478. March 2018
Presentations Presentation Date
Oteyza, J.C., J.C. Mouton, T.E. Martin. 2016. Adult survival probability explains parental risk-taking behavior in tropical and temperate songbirds. VI North American Ornithological Conference, Washington, D.C., 16-20 August 2016. August 2016
Oteyza, J. C., and T. E. Martin. The effects of nest predation risk on parental investment and reproductive success. (IOC presentation) August 2014
Martin, T. E., and J. C. Oteyza. Nest predation influences on life history strategies. IOC conference keynote. August 2014