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Edward K Faison

Phone: (203) 938 - 8809
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Current positions: ecologist at Highstead Co-Investigator: Ungulate-Forest Dynamics Project at Harvard Forest's LTER Site Education: MS University of Vermont MFS Harvard University PhD Candidate University of Massachusetts. large herbivore-forest interactions

Research Publications Publication Date
Faison, E. K., S. DeStefano, D. R. Foster, and A. Barker-Plotkin. 2016. Functional response of ungulate browsers in disturbed eastern hemlock forests. Forest Ecology and Management 362:177-183. April 2016
Faison, E. K., S. DeStefano, D. R. Foster, G. Motzkin, and J. M. Rapp. 2016. Ungulate browsers promote herbaceous layer diversity in logged temperate forests. Ecology and Evolution 6:4591–4602. July 2016
Presentations Presentation Date
Faison, E., S. DeStefano, D. Foster, and J. Compton. 2013. Recolonization of moose at their southern range limit alters temperate forest development. 47th North American Moose Conference, Whitefield, NH. May 2013
Faison, E. K., and S. DeStefano. 2015. Large wildlife dynamics and herbivory. Harvard Forest LTER V Review, Petersham, MA, 4 June. June 2015
DeStefano, S., and E. Faison. 2015. Ungulate interactions with forested landscapes. 26th Annual Harvard Forest Ecology Symposium, Petersham, MA, 17 Mar. March 2015