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Minnesota Project

Range-wide migratory connectivity for full-cycle conservation of the golden-winged warbler, climate sensitive songbird of the highest conservation concern

July 2013 - December 2016


Participating Agencies

  • Cooperative Research Units Program
  • Science Support Program

Golden-winged warblers are a species of conservation concern, as they have experience dramatic population declines in the eastern portion of their breeding distribution, in spite of relatively high nest success. This study is designed to evaluate movements and spatial affiliations of golden-winged warblers outside of the breeding season.

Research Publications Publication Date
Kramer, G.R., D.E. Andersen, D.A. Buehler, P.B. Wood, S.M. Peterson, J.A. Lehman, K.R. Aldinger, L.P. Bulluck, S. Harding, J.A. Jones, J.P Loegering, C. Smalling, R. Vallender, and H.M. Streby. 2018. Population trends in Vermivora warblers are linked to strong migratory connectivity. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115:E3192–E3200. March 2018
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Kramer, G.R., R.K. Pagel, K. Maley, C. Ziegler, S.M. Peterson, D.E. Andersen, D.A. Buehler, P.B. Wood, and H.M. Streby. 2019. Say what? Bivalent singing in Vermivora warblers. Ecology. DOI:10.1002/ecy.2881. January 2020
Theses and Dissertations Publication Date
Kramer, G.R. 2017. Nonbreeding and migratory ecology of golden-winged warblers and effects of landscape composition and configuration on American woodcock productivity. M.S. thesis, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A. 88pp April 2017