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Colorado Project

Estimation of Wind Farm Mortality: Development of Super Population Approach to Estimate Cumulative Mortality from Carcass Surveys Accounting for Carcass Removal and Non-Detection

August 2011 - September 2016


Participating Agencies

  • US Geological Survey - CRU

This project will have two phases and will lead to publications on the design and analysis of studies to estimated wind turbine mortality of avian species, and a guidelines document for the wind power community on conducting this post-construction monitoring. 1) Development of statistical methodology for providing robust estimates of wind turbine mortality, as well as designs for properly collecting mortality data. Expected results: Publications on the statistical methodology and study designs we develop 2) Test the developed methodology and study design in the field. Expected results: i) A guidelines document for conducting and analyzing data from studies of avian mortality at wind farms. ii) Possible publications on the number or pattern of avian mortality at existing wind farms.