Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: California
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California Project

Upper Redwood Creek Juvenile Salmonid Abundance Project

June 2010 - March 2014


Participating Agencies

  • California Department of Fish and Game

Redwood Creek is one of the major rivers in Humboldt County, California and supports salmon and steelhead trout that are federally listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. Redwood Creek is currently listed as sediment and temperature impaired, and various restoration efforts (and plans) in the basin are on-going. Prior to this study there was no information on the population size of anadromous salmonids (adults or juveniles) utilizing upper to middle Redwood Creek. This juvenile smolt abundance study is a cooperative effort with California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG), Redwood Creek Landowners Association (RCLA), Doug Parkinson and Associates, and the private landowner where the trap is located. Redwood National Park (RNP) also assists our study via their estuary sampling. This study was designed to be long term, and collects data that can be used to assess watershed conditions and restoration activities. This project's main focus is to continue collecting data to determine the current population size, status, and trends of salmon (Coho, Chinook), cutthroat trout, and steelhead trout in middle to upper Redwood Creek in relation to restoration activities and current habitat conditions.