Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Mississippi
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Mississippi Project

Movements and resource selection of the Scaly-naped Pigeon and Plain Pigeon in private lands of east-central Puerto Rico

July 2007 - June 2012


Participating Agencies

The scaly-naped pigeon (Patagioneas squamosa) is a common resident of montane forests of the West Indies. The species is an important game species in Puerto Rico and are highly coveted by sportsmen who hunt the mesic forest regions of the island. The Plain Pigeon (Patagioneas inornata) is a large arboreal columbid of open woodlands of the Greater Antilles. The subspecies of Plain Pigeon in Puerto Rico is considered rare and is listed as endangered. Plain pigeons have experienced historical declines throughout their range in the Caribbean. Our objectives of this research are to; 1) determine plain pigeon and scaly-naped pigeon movement patterns, 2) determine survival of scaly-naped pigeon and plain pigeon, 3) determine resource selection patterns, and, 4) use space-use models to assess habitat suitability.