Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Arizona
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources

Arizona Project

Understanding drought effects on Gambel's quail

July 2023 - June 2025


Participating Agencies

  • Arizona Game and Fish Department

Gambel's quail are an ecologically and economically important species in southeast Arizona. Quail populations are sensitive to the effects of drought and projected increases in warm, dry weather conditions may negatively impact populations.
Many population demographic parameters, including survival, nest success, and nest-site selection, remain poorly described for Gambel's quail in southeast Arizona. These parameters are important to estimate in order to develop population models that can be used to project future population trends and evaluate the impacts of changing climate, habitat management, and harvest on those trends. This project is a collaboration between Arizona Game and Fish, the University of Arizona, and the Arizona Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit. We will collect information on Gambel's quail population demographics to help inform the development of management actions for enhancing Gambel's quail survival and reproduction's to augment struggling quail populations under continued drought pressure.