Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Wisconsin Wildlife
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Wisconsin Wildlife Project

Has CWD produced genetic selection in the Wisconsin white-tailed deer populations?

May 2010 - December 2013


Participating Agencies

  • Biological Resources

The goal of this project is to investigate whether there is evidence of genetic selection in the CWD affected core area of Wisconsin, where disease has been present for at least 20 years.

Research Publications Publication Date
Robinson, S. J., M. D. SAMUEL, K. I. O’Rourke, and C. J. Johnson. The role of genetics in chronic wasting disease of North American cervids. Prion 6:155-164 . January 2012
Robinson, S. J., M. D. SAMUEL, C. J. Johnson, M. Adams, and D. I. McKenzie. Emerging prion disease drives host selection in a wildlife population. Ecological Applications 22:1050-1059. April 2012