Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program:
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Native Fish Conservation Assessment in Desert Rivers of the IMW.

April 2020 - January 2022

Research Publications Publication Date
Pennock, C., P. Budy, W.W. Macfarlane, M.J. Breen, J. Jimenez, and J.C. Schmidt. In press. Native fish need a natural flow regime. AAccepted 16 Nov, 2021 Fisheries as a ‘Perspectives’ Article. USGS FSP IP-130996. November 2021
Pennock, C.A, L. Bruckerhoff, K.B. Gido, A.L. Barkalow, M.J. Breen, P. Budy, W.W. Macfarlane, and D.L. Propst. 2022. Failure to achieve recommended environmental flows coincides with declining fish populations: Long-term trends in regulated and unregulated rivers. Freshwater Biology USGS FSP IP- 134441 (LB). | Abstract July 2022
Pennock, C.A., Budy P, Macfarlane, WW. 2022. Effective conservation and restoration of desert riverscapes requires conservation and restoration of in-stream flows with rehabilitation approaches tailored to water availability. Invited: Frontiers in Environmental Science 10:870488. doi: 10.3389/fenvs.2022.870488. USGS FSP IP- 138466. | Abstract May 2022
Technical Publications Publication Date
Pennock, C. A., W. W. Macfarlane, P. Budy, J. Jimenez, and J. Goodell. 2021. Conservation, restoration and monitoring plan for the lower White River, Utah. UTCFWRU 2022(1):1-78. January 2022
Presentations Presentation Date

Budy, P., C.A. Pennock, W.W. Macfarlane, M.J. Breen, J. Jimenez, and J.C. Schmidt. 2022. Native Fish Need a Natural Flow Regime. Invited. Oral Presentation, RiversEdge West, 20th Annual Conference, "Learn from the last 20 years and plan for the next". Hybrid: Grand Junction, CO.
February 2022
Pennock C, Macfarlane W, Budy P, Jimenez J, Goodell J. 2022. Effective conservation and restoration of desert riverscapes must include conservation of in-stream flows: What can we learn from a case study from the White River, Utah? February 2022
Budy, P. 2014. Challenges to desert fish conservation and river restoration in the arid West: How can we avert the perfect storm? University of Missouri, Dept. of Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences. Invited Lecture: 5 March, 2014 Michael Dunmire Lecture Series. March 2014
Pennock, C., Z. Ahrens, M. McKinstry, P.MacKinnon, P. Budy, and K. Gido. 2020. Emergence of barriers at river-reservoir inflows create a conservation conundrum for native fish management in the Colorado River Basin. National American Fisheries Society Conference, Columbus, Ohio. 30 August - 3 September 2020. August 2020