Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: South Dakota
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South Dakota Project

Invasive carp population modeling: ecosystem impacts of control methods

August 2022 - December 2025


Participating Agencies


Ongoing invasive carp modeling work has produced population-level model (SEICarP) that has been used to inform fish removal programs in the Illinois River. SEICarP outputs have helped plan targeted harvest efforts in the Illinois River and identified possible barrier/deterrent locations. Although SEICarP is a powerful tool to evaluate management actions, it does not consider ecological impacts of invasive carp removal. SEICarp is currently being expanded to other river basins containing invasive carps. This study will combine SEICarP outcomes where management should occur with an ecological assessment of carp removal to better refine harvest levels and targets (e.g., size of fish targeted for removal) that produce the greatest possible ecological benefit.

Presentations Presentation Date
Pfaff, P.J., D.P. Coulter, B.J. Schall, T. Davis, S.R. Chipps, and A.A. Coulter. 2024. Modeling watershed boundary connectivity to mitigate the spread of invasive carp. Annual meeting of the Missouri River Research Consortium, LaCross, WI. April 2024