Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Oregon
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources

Oregon Project

Integrating monitoring, modeling, and management for amphibian conservation in the western United States

June 2017 - September 2021


Participating Agencies

  • ARMI program
  • USGS ARMI Program

Amphibians play an important role in ecosystems, providing a critical link in the food web across aquatic and terrestrial habitats and used as indicator species to gauge overall ecosystem health. However, there is an accumulation of evidence that amphibian communities are facing global declines in abundance and diversity. Although these declines are related to a suite of interrelated factors, habitat modification is the most implicated source of amphibian declines. The strong link between habitat modification and loss of amphibians is probably related to the complex life cycle of amphibians, where individuals rely on both aquatic and terrestrial habitats to meet life history demands. We are developing a framework for integrating information from monitoring, remote sensing, and research to better information managers in the Pacific Northwest.

Research Publications Publication Date
Rowe, J.C., A. Duarte, C.C. Pearl, B. McCreary, S. Galvan, J.T.Peterson, M.J. Adams. 2019. Disentangling effects of invasive species and habitat while accounting for observer error in a long-term amphibian study. Ecosphere August 2019
Duarte, A., J.T. Peterson, C.A. Pearl, J.C. Rowe, B. McCreary , S.K. Galvan, and M.J. Adams. 2020. Estimation of metademographic rates and landscape connectivity for a conservation-reliant anuran. Landscape Ecology 35: 1459–1479.
| Abstract
April 2020
Duarte, A., C.A. Pearl, M.J. Adams, and J.T. Peterson. A new parameterization for integrated population models to document amphibian reintroduction efforts. Ecological Applications. July 2017
Presentations Presentation Date
Duarte, A. and J.Peterson. 2020. The role of optimization in solving decision-support models for natural resource management. Annual Meeting of the Oregon Chapter of the American Fisheries Society, March 4-6, Bend, OR. March 2020