Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Louisiana
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Louisiana Project

Determining Optimal Elevation for Restoration of an Island Used by Rare Colonial Nesting Waterbirds

January 2017 - June 2019


Participating Agencies

  • LSU School of Renewable Natural Resources Gilbert Fellowship
  • Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

We are evaluating the effects of flooding/elevation, nest predation, and other factors on nest success of several species of colonial nesting waterbirds. Ultimately, we are interested in determining the optimal elevation for island restoration based upon the balance between flood risk and island occupancy by mammalian predators

Theses and Dissertations Publication Date
Ritenour, K.A. 2019. Factors affecting nest success of colonial nesting waterbirds in Southwest Louisiana. M.S. Thesis. Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge. July 2019