Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program: Minnesota
Education, Research and Technical Assistance for Managing Our Natural Resources

Minnesota Project

Long-term research and monitoring of human dimensions information on fisheries and wildlife management issues in Minnesota.

January 2014 - December 2016


Participating Agencies

  • Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

This project is the continuation of a long-term research effort established in 2002 that provides funding for a full-time research fellow to work closely with Minnesota Department of Natural Resources fisheries and wildlife researchers and managers to collect timely information to assist in the evaluation of management programs. The primary focus of this position is on developing experience-based management information for fisheries and wildlife management in Minnesota and to use this information to further understanding of what factors influence angler and hunter experience satisfaction and level of support for management programs. This project provides a consistent process to develop a long-term database to improve understanding of factors influencing trends in both recreational participation in fisheries and wildlife-based activities and to examine how attitudes and beliefs about fish and wildlife management issues are changing over time. This project provides a unique contribution nationally by providing a long-term research program with consistent measurement that will allow examination of long-term trends in values, attitudes, and behavior from a theory-directed perspective.