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Wisconsin Fish Education Activities

WI Coop Fish graduate student working in the field.

Courses Taught

  • Advanced Studies in Fisheries Management (Dan Isermann 2018)
  • R Programming for Biologists At the completion of the course, students will be able to: (1) understand the basic components of R such as functions and data structures; (2) read in and manipulate data formatted as a .csv file; (3) write functions, loops, and conditionals; (4) create graphs; and (5) code basic statistics that are commonly used in biology. Most importantly, this course will teach students how to think like a programmer and how to obtain and understand help documents. The overall goal of the course is to give students the tools necessary to tackle new tasks in R that were not covered in the course. The course will be split into two main themes: learning the principles of R programing (weeks 1-8), and learning how to code statistical analyses in R (weeks 9-16). (Wes Larson 2017)

Training Offered

  • Held RAD training workshop for three participants in our lab (Wes Larson September 2019)
  • Taught 3 courses on genomics at 2019 'Omics workshop in Dumaguete, Philippines. (Wes Larson June 2019)
  • Trained MS student Hannah Lachance from UVM on RAD data analysis to assist her with her research on larval cisco in Lake Superio (Wes Larson May 2019)
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Current Staff

Federal Staff: 2

Masters Students: 10

Phd Students: 0

Post Docs: 0

University Staff: 6

5 Year Summary

Students graduated: 12

Scientific Publications: 32

Presentations: 115

Wisconsin Cooperative Fishery Research Unit Cooperators

  1. U.S. Geological Survey
  2. University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
  3. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources