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Utah Education Activities

Ecology class at South Dakota State University

Unit personnel teach the following courses at Utah State University:
J. A. Bissonette:
WILD 6710-7710, Wildlife Ecology (Spring )
T. C. Edwards:
WILD 6500, Biometry: Design and Analysis of Ecological Research (Fall)
P. Budy
WATS 3100/5100, Fish Diversity and Conservation (Fall 2008, 27 students)
WATS 3100/5100, Fish Diversity and Conservation Laboratory Practicum (Fall 2008, 9 students)

Courses Taught

  • Research Communication In this ‘class’, students will learn how to: 1) develop a research project, 2) write a defensible proposal, 3) draft an abstract for a professional presentation, 4) apply for (and most receive) funding to attend a professional meeting, 5) analyze their data, 6) graph their data, 7) complete a professional poster or oral presentation, and 8) present their presentation at a professional meeting. (Phaedra Budy 2019)
  • Graduate Fish Ecology Graduate Fish Ecology (WATS 6230/7230). Utah State University, Department of Watershed Sciences. 2019. (Phaedra Budy 2019)
  • Independent Study baseR for Biologists introduces students to concepts on data management and manipulation
    in R, including extracting subsets of data, data splitting, data control structures, merging and
    combining data, sorting, ranking and ordering data and looping data in R. The course also
    introduces basics of graph construction in R, including scatter plots, line plots, bar charts,
    and histograms. The on-line course was developed by Dr. Thomas Edwards, USGS, Utah
    Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit.
    (Thomas Edwards, Steve Chipps 2019)
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Training Offered

  • AFWA-sponsored works shop on assessing decision-risk associated with the use of species range maps in conservation and management. (Thomas Edwards September 2018)
  • Species Distribution Modelling Using R
    The course covers major parametric, semi- and non-parametric models currently used in species distribution models (SDM), ranging from GLMs to GAMs to Random Forests / Boosted Regression Trees. Course also covers design issues, principally those related to (i) presence only vs. true presence-absence data, and (ii) sample frame issues leading to grossly unbalanced training data (i.e., prevalence) and their effects on model output. Exercise data ranges from plants to animals, rare to common species, and small to large extents.
    (Thomas Edwards July 2017)
  • graphR - Basic Graphing in R
    Basics of graphing in R, with an emphasis on the creation of publication-quality graphs for journals. Five Modules on (i) plot layouts, (ii) saving graphics output, (iii) plot size and resolution, (iv) plot axes, symbols and lines, and (v) six basic graphs in R. Nine exercises associated with the course.
    (Thomas Edwards February 2017)
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Current Staff

Federal Staff: 2

Masters Students: 3

Phd Students: 4

Post Docs: 0

University Staff: 2

5 Year Summary

Students graduated: 11

Scientific Publications: 28

Presentations: 98


Featured Student

Ben Stout
Ben Stout holding a Bluehead sucker

Utah Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit Cooperators

  1. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  2. U.S. Geological Survey
  3. Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
  4. Utah State University/College of Natural Resources
  5. Wildlife Management Institute