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Dr. Patrick Jodice

Research Publications

  • Lawson, A.J., Clinton T. Moore, Thomas R. Rainwater, Frances M. Nilsen, Philip M. Wilkinson, Russell H. Lowers, Louis J. Guillette Jr., K.W. McFadden, and Patrick G.R. Jodice. 2020. Nonlinear patterns in mercury bioaccumulation in American alligators are a function of predicted age. Science of the Total Environment 707:135103. <a href=""></a>
  • Zaluski, S., L.M. Soanes, J.A. Bright, A. George, P.G.R. Jodice, K. Meyer, N. Woodfield-Pascoe, J.A. Green. 2019. Potential threats facing a globally important population of the magnificent frigatebird. Tropical Zoology 32: 188-201. /doi/full/10.1080/03946975.2019.1682352
  • Lamb, J.S.*, Y.G. Satge^, P.G.R. Jodice. Environmental and behavioral drivers of annual-cycle habitat selection in a nearshore seabird, the Brown Pelican. Diversity and Distributions.
  • Satgé, Y.G., E. Rupp, and P.G.R. Jodice. 2019. A preliminary report of ongoing research of the ecology of Black-capped Petrel (Pterodroma hasitata) in Sierra de Bahoruco, Dominican Republic – I: GPS tracking of breeding adults. Unpublished Report, South Carolina Cooperative Research Unit, Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina, USA.
  • Ferguson, L.M., Y. Satge, J. Tavano, and P.G.R. Jodice. 2018. Seabird colony registry and atlas for the Southeastern U.S. Final Report for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. South Carolina Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, Clemson, SC.
  • Lamb, J.S., C.V. Fiorello, Y.G. Satge, K. Mills-Parker, M. Ziccardi, P.G.R. Jodice. 2018. Movement patterns of California brown pelicans following oiling and rehabilitation. Marine Pollution Bulletin 131:22-31
  • Loeb, S.C., P.G.R. Jodice. Activity of southeastern bats along sandstone cliffs used for rock climbing. Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management 9:255-265; e1944-687x.
  • Lamb, J.S.*, D.J. Newstead, L.M. Koczur, B.M. Ballard, C.M. Green, P.G.R. Jodice. 2018. A bridge between oceans: Overland migration of marine birds in a wind energy corridor. Journal Avian Biology e01474 doi: 10.1111/jav.01474
  • Fallon, J.A., E.P. Smith. N. Shoch, J.D. Paruk, E.A. Adams, D.C. Evers, P.G.R. Jodice, C. Perkins, S. Shulte, W.A. Hopkins. 2017. Hematological indices of physiological injury to lightly oiled birds from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry.
  • Lamb, J.S.*, Y.G. Satge^, P.G.R. Jodice. 2017. Diet composition and provisioning rates of nestlings determine reproductive success in a subtropical seabird. Marine Ecology Progress Series 581:149-164.
  • Lamb, J.S., Y.G. Satge, P.G.R. Jodice. 2017. Influence of density-dependent competition on foraging and migratory behavior of a subtropical colonial seabird. Ecology and Evolution 2017;00:1–13. Publisher Website | 
  • Haney, J.C., P.G.R. Jodice, W.A. Montevecchi, D.C. Evers. 2017. Challenges to oil spill assessment for seabirds in the deep ocean. Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology. doi:10.1007/s00244-016-0355-8
  • Zinsser, L., F. Sanders, and P. Jodice. Daily survival rate and habitat characteristics of nests of Wilson’s Plover. Southeastern Naturalist 16:149-156.
  • Ramos, R., N. Carlile, J. Madeiros, I. Ramirez, V. Paiva, H. Dinis, F. Zino, M. Biscoito, G. Leal, L. Bugoni, P.G.R. Jodice, P.G. Ryan, J. Gonzalez-Solis. 2017. The time for oceanic seabirds: tracking year-round distribution of gadfly petrels across the Atlantic Ocean. Diversity and Distributions.
  • Poli, C.L., A-L. Harrison, A. Vallarino, P.D. Gerard, Jodice, P.G.R. 2017. Dynamic oceanography predicts fine scale foraging behavior of Masked Boobies in the Gulf of Mexico. PLoS ONE 12(6): e0178318.
  • Lamb, J.S., Y.G. Satge, C.V. Fiorello, P.G.R. Jodice. 2016. Behavioral and reproductive effects of bird-borne data logger attachment on Brown Pelicans on three temporal scales. Journal of Ornithology. doi:10.1007/s10336-016-1418-3
  • Lamb, J.S.*, K.M. O’Reilly, P.G.R. Jodice. Physical condition and stress levels during early development reflect feeding rates and predict pre- and post-fledging survival in a nearshore seabird. Conservation Physiology 4 (1): cow060. doi: 10.1093/conphys/cow060
  • Collins, S.A., F.J. Sanders, and P.G.R. Jodice. Assessing conservation tools for an at-risk shorebird: Feasibility of headstarting for American Oystercatchers. Bird Conservation International 26:451-465.
  • Jodice, P.G.R., R.A. Ronconi, E. Rupp, G.E. Wallace, Y. Satge. 2015. First satellite tracks of the endangered Black-capped Petrel. Endangered Species Research 29:23-33. doi: 10.3354/esr00697 Abstract |  Download  | 
  • Lucas, J.S., S.C. Loeb, and P.G.R. Jodice. 2015 Roost selection by Rafinesque’s big-eared bats (Corynorhinus rafinesquii): a multi-scale approach. Acta Chiroptologica 17:131-141.
    Abstract | 
  • Jodice, P.G.R., J. Thibault, S.A.Collins, M. Spinks, F.J. Sanders. 2014. Reproductive ecology of American Oystercatchers nesting on shell rakes. Condor 116:588-598. Abstract | 
  • Brooks, G.L.*, F.J. Sanders, P.D. Gerard, and P.G.R. Jodice. Daily survival rates for nests of Black Skimmers from a core breeding area of the Southeastern USA. Wilson Journal of Ornithology 126:443-450. Abstract |  Download  | 
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  • Hackney, A., R. Baldwin, P.G.R. Jodice. 2013. Mapping risk for nest predation on a barrier island. Journal of Coastal Conservation. DOI 10.1007/s11852-013-0260-5. Journal of Coastal Conservation.
  • Giles, M.M., P.G.R. Jodice, R.F. Baldwin, J. Stanton, M. Epstein. 2013. Spring migratory pathways and migration chronology of Canada Geese wintering at the Santee NWR. Canadian Field Naturalist 127: 17-25.
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Unit Leader

Patrick Jodice
Patrick Jodice at Exumas Land and Sea Park, Bahamas

My research is focused on three primary areas: (1) breeding and foraging ecology of seabirds and shorebirds, (2) wildlife conservation physiology, and (3) wildlife ecology in urban and natural systems. I have conducted research and monitoring programs in a variety of marine and terrestrial ecosystems and have studied both avian and mammalian populations. All of my research has been driven by management and conservation issues, although the results are often of both an applied and basic nature.

My current and prior work has emphasized wildlife conservation with emphases in marine ornithology, avian ecology, reproductive energetics, foraging ecology, survey design and methodology, and urban ecology.


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