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Sara Prado


Originally from Montreal, Canada, I moved to Raleigh, North Carolina to work on my Master's degree in Entomology. Since graduating in August 2012, I've been working on bee surveys in the Caribbean.

Research Interests

I am interested in studying the beneficial relationships between insects and commercial crops: as biological control agents and as pollinators. For my Master's degree, I investigated the efficacy of aphid banker plant systems at suppressing aphid pest populations in greenhouses. Since 2012, my research has focused on the survey of bees and their preferred crop and wildflower forage in and around agricultural fields in Puerto Rico.

Research Publications

  • Guiti Prado, S., J. A. Collazo, P. C. Stevenson, and R. E. Irwin. 2019. A comparison of coffee floral traits under two different agricultural practices. Scientific Reports (2019) 9:7331 |
  • Guiti Prado S., J. A. Collazo, R. E. Irwin. 2018.
    Resurgence of Specialized Shade Coffee Cultivation: effects on pollination services and quality of coffee production. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 265:567–575.

  • Prado, S. G., H. T. Ngo, J. A. Florez, and J. A. Collazo. 2017. Sampling bees in tropical forests and agroecosystems: A review. J. of Insect Conservation DOI 10.1007/s10841-017-0018-8.

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Contact Information

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