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Jennifer Archambault

Jennifer Archambault


Before life as a biologist, I served in the United States Marine Corps. I earned my BS in Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences (summa cum laude) from NC State in 2004, and spent over 5 years in environmental consulting.

Research Interests

While I have broad ecological interests ranging from birds, herps, & aquatic insects to biogeography, toxicology, & climate change, my current research is focused on freshwater mussels.

I'm studying the effects of climate warming and other aquatic thermal inputs on freshwater mussels. Little is known about mussel thermal toxicity. My current focus is on lethal temperatures and sublethal thermal stress to various life stages & species of freshwater mussels.

In future projects, I'd like to study thermal effects on mussel and host fish range overlap, prediction of future ranges based on past adaptation to climate flux (and elucidate underlying mechanisms), the combined toxicity of temperature with other contaminants of concern, and adaptive management strategies to such problems for the many species that are in decline.

Research Publications

  • Archambault, J.M., W.G. Cope, and T.J. Kwak. 2014. Influence of sediment presence on freshwater mussel thermal tolerance. Freshwater Science 33: 56-65.
  • Archambault, J.M., W.G. Cope, and T.J. Kwak. 2014. Survival and behaviour of juvenile unionid mussels exposed to thermal stress and dewatering in the presence of a sediment temperature gradient. Freshwater Biology 59: 601-613.
  • Archambault, J.M., W.G. Cope, and T.J. Kwak. 2013. Burrowing, byssus, and biomarkers: behavioral and physiological indicators of sublethal thermal stress in freshwater mussels (Unionidae). Marine and Freshwater Behaviour and Physiology 46: 229-250.
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